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Improve Your Rank in Search Results

You are in complete control of where you appear in the search results.  As a doula availability database, we are so much more than a listing service.

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Update Your Calendar; Get More Clients

Clients are looking for doulas who are available nine months from now and eight to nine weeks from now.  Is your calendar updated to show that you're available to take these clients?

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Additional Credentials & Medicaid/3rd Party Payments

Two New Features!  Upload up to 5 new credential images and indicate your ability to take Medicaid or 3rd party insurance payments on your DoulaMatch profile.

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Doula Thwarts Check Overpayment Scam

Please be aware doulas are being targeted in classic check overpayment scams. While these scams are nothing new, doulas seems to be the new targets.

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Gracefully Supporting Early Labor & Avoiding the Pitfalls of Under-Supporting Our Clients' Emotional Well-Being

As a childbirth educator, birth doula, birth doula trainer and owner of, I hear a lot of parents’ birth stories where their doula’s support made a world of difference. Fortunately, and not as frequently, I also hear stories where the doula missed important opportunities for emotional support that left families wondering what exactly they paid for

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