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Group Profile Coupon Codes

Many hospital-based doula groups, doula agencies, and community- and outreach-based doula organizations require their doulas, contractors and members to maintain their own individual profiles in order to be associated with their organization's DoulaMatch Group Profile.  Good examples are the Swedish Doula Program in Seattle, Washington and the Doulas of Victoria group in Victoria, British Columbia. offers a discount for group profile owners who wish to offset the cost of their individual members' profiles.  When group profile owners make a single payment of support to DoulaMatch, they receive a coupon code their members may use to offset some or all of the minimum $15 annual cost of using DoulaMatch.  To be specific, we are offering a discount of 20% for groups of 20 – 50 doulas, and 40% for groups over 50 doulas. 

Coupon discounts, and the low $15 per year minimum annual support level, are intended to keep the barrier to entry for participation on DoulaMatch as low as possible for the new doula.  We still expect all doulas who are active and receive paying clients from to strive for $25 or $50 annually.

For non-profit and publicly funded community and outreach doula organizations with group profiles representing doulas who primarily work with people experiencing maternity and infant health inequities, at-risk or under-served populations, we want to continue to support your work and keep DoulaMatch accessible to doulas whose practice is primarily focused on this work.